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Italsing Asia Pte Ltd is a Singapore based company dealing with the following:
- Zone 1 & 2 Explosion Proof (Ex) junction boxes,
- Zone 1 & 2 Explosion Proof Lighting Fixtures,
- Zone 1 Explosion Proof Battery Box,
- Zone 2 Explosion Proof Battery Box,
- Zone 1 & 2 Explosion Proof Electric Heaters,
- Industrial Enclosures.
as well as offering services such as design and build of Ex electrical controls panels, Ex distrubution boards, Ex heater controls etc.
ITALSING - Your Dependable Electrical Solution Specialists

Brands we carry in Singapore:

AD Vigano          : Explosion Proof Electrical Equipment
EXCEN                : ATEX Technology
FATI                    : Explosion Proof Electric Heaters
ILLCA                  : Electrical Enclosures
Vyrtych                : Explosion Proof Lighting Fixtures

Model: Vyrtych GRP Zone 1 Flourescent Fittings !