Brands we carry in Singapore:

AD Vigano - Explosion Proof Electrical Equipment
EXCEN - Explosion Solutions with Battery Enclosures
F.A.T.I - Explosion Proof Heaters
RAYTEC - Explosion Proof LED Floodlight
ATEX INDUSTRIES - Explosion Proof Portable  Handlamp
VYRTYCH - Explosion Proof Lighting Fixtures

ITALSING ASIA PTE LTD is a Singapore based company dealing with the following:

- Zone 1 & 2 Explosion Proof (Ex) junction boxes,

- Zone 1 & 2 Explosion Proof Lighting Fixtures,

- Zone 1 Explosion Proof Battery Box,

- Zone 2 Explosion Proof Battery Box,

- Zone 1 & 2 Explosion Proof Electric Heaters,

- Customised Industrial and Ex Enclosures.

as well as offering services such as design and build of Ex electrical controls panels, Ex distrubution boards, Ex heater controls etc.

What Makes Us Unique

We are resourceful in our trade and we have counterparts in Singapore, Italy and Czech Republic. This way we will assist you in achieving the solution that you require by utilizing our strengths and resources in both Asia and Europe.

We have a wide range of products that we keep stock in our warehouse which we will be able to deliver in the shortest delivery time.

From Jan 2021, Vyrtych will start to pursue a Greener and Healthier environment for LED solutions.

Product Updates:

Zone 1 LED Exproof fittings:

EXTEND-EX-LED / EXTRA-EX-LED for Zone 1,21 with higher Luminous flux (about 25% more)

Product Updates:

For Zone 2,21,22, we have got new model FILA-N-LED as mainly used for painting workshops.